BRICS Alternative Internet: Cybersecurity Implications for South Africa

The Russian government seeks to create its own system of root name servers, which is supposed to include the BRICS and possible the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) countries. This will ultimately be an ‘alternative Internet’, which will have its own cybersecurity concerns. The Russian authorities, heavily influenced by the ideas of ‘cyber-sovereignty’, promoted by the […]

insider threat

Insider Threat: Often neglected cybersecurity hazard

Although there might be numerous combinations of human circumstances and unfortunate contexts that can trigger an insider threat, the main drivers behind these kinds of threats are human greed, anger, curiosity and unawareness or carelessness. Bizarre stories Immigration officer An immigration officer tried to rid himself of his wife by adding her name to a […]

digital mosquito

Digital MOSQUITO can bite your precious data

A recently discovered hacking technique allows adversaries to extract precious data from your computers even if  the devices are physically disconnected from any network, including the Internet. This is a must-read for those mandated to protect sensitive organisational data. Digital MOSQUITO at work In computing, an ‘air gap is a network security measure which ensures […]


Cryptocurrency (in)secure world: to Bitcoin or not to Bitcoin?

The skyrocketing value of cryptocurrencies has ushered in a new wave of financial cybercrime. These blockchain exploits and mining schemes are growing more sophisticated and more effective every day as investors flock to buy up digital funds. Users should closely monitor their cryptocurrency wallets and implement robust endpoint security measures to protect their increasingly valuable […]

cyber attacks

Look into the crystal ball: Our digital security in 2018

The United Nations estimates that today’s 80% cyber-attacks come from highly organised ultra-sophisticated criminal gangs. These organised groups together represent one of the largest economies in the world, making 445 billion USD per annum.  This amount is larger than GDP of 160 nation states! What would cybercriminals likely target this year to increase this amount? […]

cybersecurity fatigue

Cybersecurity Fatigue is a fast emerging sentiment

Desensitised to cyber-crime and cybersecurity? Exhausted with horrifying cyber-attacks stories and revisiting cybersecurity issues every month or quarter? Well, many of us are…As the cumulative effect of this phenomenon erodes our attentiveness, here are a few tips that might help to get back the sensitivity of securing our online life. Have are you ever been […]

data leak

The biggest ever South African data leak has happened, but remain calm

Biggest ever SA data leak has indeed happened. A panic is the biggest allay of cyber criminals but certainly our greatest enemy. Hence, we now need to stay calm and prevent greater consequences of this unfortunate event. The introduction of new information and communication technologies brought numerous benefits to organisations, individuals and communities. However, rapid […]


Can BRICS boost cybersecurity of its member countries?

Despite evident challenges, the BRICS block also offers opportunities to its member countries. Cybercrime: no difference between developed and developing worlds There is not a single day that goes by without reports of serious cyber-attacks on the most developed countries. The latest cybersecurity breaches include thousands of classified files containing personal and sensitive information on […]