vm advisory

Our Approach

We are a team of dedicated professionals whose main goal is to help our clients strengthen their cybersecurity posture in order to protect their business operations.

Our approach is a holistic as we focus on our clients specific needs.

We consider external and internal factors, organisational vision, mission and objectives, security maturity level of the organisation in order to propose an improved strategy, policies, procedures and the most reliable technologies.

Our Story

Fast propagation of Internet and the fast pace of adoption of smart devices in organisations and societies evidently bring benefits but these advantages can easily be hampered by rapidly growing cybercrime and various other threats. Cyberspace nowadays becomes a battleground between highly sophisticated adversaries and those noble forces trying to protect organisations, individuals, communities and the nation-states. The complexity of securing organisational cyberspace and an evident severe shortage of cybersecurity professionals across the Globe do not leave a choice to many organisations but to rely on external expertise.

This strongly motivates VM Advisory to help organisations to stay ahead of emerging threats, reduce cybersecurity risk, ensure compliance and secure sensitive data and systems across the business.


Meet the Founders



Ivan Veljkovic

Director: Technology Advancement and Advisory


Dr Zoran Mitrovic

Director: Business Advancement and Advisory