Antivirus vs Anti-malware

Antivirus vs Anti-malware simplified but it is also the matter of doctrine…

An endless maze of cybersecurity is, however, not a simple choice between technology tools. Hence, after discussing the above dilemma of interest to common folks, we continue with teasing cybersecurity professionals and policymakers with fitting it in the cybersecurity doctrines. WatchGuard’s Threat Lab has recently published a reporton the latest malware and Internet attacks showing […]

THREATCASTING as an Emerging Cybersecurity Challenge

Scenario Harriet Downs had it all: a great job, a loving husband, and two beautiful children. She was an up-and-coming programmer at Goldman Sachs for the company’s AI trading bots, on the fast track to management. She, her husband, Steve and the kids had just moved into a beautiful new house in Sevenoaks. Life was […]

Cyber warfare

Cyberwarfare progresses while people are busy with the Covid19 smokescreen

We are not denying the seriousness of Covid19 possible implications. Instead, we are looking behind this transitory pandemic smokescreen that hides potentially much bigger global problem – progressing cyberwarfare. Cyberwarfare, what it is? Like with many other terms, there is still worldwide debate if cyberwarfare exists. For those convinced that such a war exists, the […]

Cybersecurity pandemic

The Corona Pandemic Lesson to Global Cybersecurity

What the cybercrime, cyberwarfare and cyberterrorism have in common with the corona pandemic? At least one thing: all of them are global threats that cannot be fought individually but cooperatively. The Coronavirus is hitting hard on the world’s economy, creating a high volume of uncertainty within organisations. Cynet has revealed new data, showing that the […]

Protecting Critical Infrastructure and Human Error

Protecting Critical Infrastructure: It is proven, technology is not enough

A segmentation of the Information Technology and Operational Technology networks would not be able to protect critical infrastructure if humans remain incapacitated and continue making errors.  The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency (CISA) recently reported that it had responded to the ransomware attack on a natural gas facility, forcing it to shut it down for […]


Seniors – the Internet Scams Soft Targets

The scenario We are witnessing increasingly aggressive email scams targeting all kinds of Internet users who utilise security cameras. For example, it was recently reported that 1,600 scam emails of this type were intercepted between 2 and 3 January this year. Being a one of still not sufficiently secured the Internet of Thing devices, these […]

The Cybercrime Treaty vs Hack Back Bill

There are two conflicting cybercrime regulations in the making, one national and the other one international. Which one deserves to be supported and why should you know this? National: Hack back Bill The US Congress has been considering a law relating to cybersecurity defence named as ‘Active Cyber Defense Certainty Act’ (ACDC). This proposed bill […]

Computing on the Edge: How secure it is?

The Business Insider recently announced that there are about 10 billion connected IoT devices in 2018 and predicted that there will be 64 billion of these devices in use by 2026. The vast majority of these devices are or will be connected to the edge computing networks. But how secure it is?   Computing on […]

5G security: Is the cheese already moved?

With 5G just around the corner, it seems that people are struggling to understand all its facets – including cybersecurity. The 5G brings far-reaching changes, significantly different from previous generations of mobile communication networks as it will cause major modifications in technology and network architecture. This architecture will connect an enormous volume of the internet […]

Deepfake: A fake news on steroids

Instead of being mostly textual, the fake news era brings digitally altered video and audio also known as deepfakes. These have a real potential to further erode already undermined public trust in journalism but also to cause serious security impediments. The term deepfake was first coined on the online platform Reddit in 2017 by an […]