"Information security standards have called on the public to use risk analysis when designing security controls that match their environment"
Centre for Internet Security

Assessment of current organisational cybersecurity posture

  • Organisational readiness (including understanding business drivers, conditions, processes, informational assets, and alike);
  • Readiness of the workforce (including awareness, culture, cybersecurity competences);Technical readiness (including endpoint protection readiness).

Advancing organisational cybersecurity posture

  • Organisational: cybersecurity risk management, cybersecurity awareness and advocacy programmes, strategy, policies and governance, insider threat programme.
  • Technical: Complete endpoint defence.

Continuous assessment

Due to the rapid technological advancement and changed business environment, determining cybersecurity posture and risk appetite cannot be a point-in-time exercise. Hence, we do an ongoing assessment involving constant evaluation and re-evaluation of organisational cybersecurity posture.

Facts and figures

  • 1,946,181,599 is a total number of compromised records containing personal and other sensitive data between Jan. 1, 2017, and March 20, 2018.
  • The Average cost of a data breach in 2017: $3.62 million.
  • 191 days is the average length of time it takes for organisations to identify a data breach.
  • 66 days was the average time needed to fully contain a data breach in 2017.
  • 76% of organizations would likely increase the resources available for cybersecurity following a breach that causes significant damage.

risk based security brochure