Phished or pharmed

Are you phished or pharmed? It is dangerous anyway…

Phished people were exposed to an attack for an average of 17.5 hours before antivirus software discovered it. With pharming, it takes much longer. Phishing and pharming schemes are still one of the grimmest threats to companies and individuals. Even internet giants like Google and Facebook got conned out of hundreds of millions USD via […]

Island Hopping

Island hopping to your precious data and info resources

The industries most affected by the island hopping attacks are finance, healthcare, manufacturing and retail. The term ‘island hopping’ is not originally technological term – it comes from the military strategy. More precisely, the term comes from the World War II, from the strategy the US military used to get to mainland Japan via islands, […]

Cloud, Edge and IoT trichotomy: cybersecurity concerns

The cybersecurity issues of the Cloud, Edge and IoT trichotomy are inevitably related to all of these complementary technologies. Cloud Computing is the delivery of on-demand computing services without direct active management by the user. These services range from applications to storage and processing power obtained from the remote data centres and available large number […]

Do you think that incoming emails are the most dangerous? You might be wrong…

Email is one of the primary ways we communicate and is an almost universal technology, making it perfect for attackers to reach their victims. Outgoing emails can be even more hazardous than incoming ones. Running and securing business in the cyber environment in these pandemic and economic crisis times can be hard. The rapid progression […]

Antivirus vs Anti-malware

Antivirus vs Anti-malware simplified but it is also the matter of doctrine…

An endless maze of cybersecurity is, however, not a simple choice between technology tools. Hence, after discussing the above dilemma of interest to common folks, we continue with teasing cybersecurity professionals and policymakers with fitting it in the cybersecurity doctrines. WatchGuard’s Threat Lab has recently published a reporton the latest malware and Internet attacks showing […]

THREATCASTING as an Emerging Cybersecurity Challenge

Scenario Harriet Downs had it all: a great job, a loving husband, and two beautiful children. She was an up-and-coming programmer at Goldman Sachs for the company’s AI trading bots, on the fast track to management. She, her husband, Steve and the kids had just moved into a beautiful new house in Sevenoaks. Life was […]

The greatest cybersecurity threat still stubbornly persists – and is possibly growing!

For one filed cybersecurity professional position on the market in 2020, there will be at least three vacant positions. Often overworked, underappreciated and frequently blamed for a single failure and unacknowledged for successes, cybersecurity professionals tend to become ‘alien gem’. Our reality: almost anybody can become a cybercriminal In mid-May 2020, multiple supercomputers in European […]

Cyber warfare

Cyberwarfare progresses while people are busy with the Covid19 smokescreen

We are not denying the seriousness of Covid19 possible implications. Instead, we are looking behind this transitory pandemic smokescreen that hides potentially much bigger global problem – progressing cyberwarfare. Cyberwarfare, what it is? Like with many other terms, there is still worldwide debate if cyberwarfare exists. For those convinced that such a war exists, the […]

Botnets as cybercriminals’ viable option in the emerging economic crisis

Most botnets are currently deployed for the distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks but can also be used for delivering spyware, email spam, phishing, ‘click fraud’, stilling confidential information or the bitcoin mining. Looming economic crisis The world has changed dramatically in the three months since our last update of the World Economic Outlook in January, warns […]

Cybersecurity pandemic

The Corona Pandemic Lesson to Global Cybersecurity

What the cybercrime, cyberwarfare and cyberterrorism have in common with the corona pandemic? At least one thing: all of them are global threats that cannot be fought individually but cooperatively. The Coronavirus is hitting hard on the world’s economy, creating a high volume of uncertainty within organisations. Cynet has revealed new data, showing that the […]