Cyber-allied blackout

Cyber-allied Blackouts: another SA looming nightmare?

A cyber-related blackout is a looming possibility. If not addressed seriously, the SA reality can turn into nightmares for years to come. The Fin24 portal reported that Eskom will implement Stage 4 load shedding from 12:00 on Saturday, 16 March. Earlier on Saturday morning, the power utility said it would be implementing Stage 2 load […]

Cyber autism

Building cybersecurity culture: are we locked into “Cyber Autism”?

“The problem is that we have a huge population that suffers from a form of cyber autism”-   Eh’den Biber. After a number of serious complaints in recent months, Facebook says that they are all about privacy now. A very recent survey presented at the RSA Conference 2019 claims that data privacy was a top concern […]


Awareness as the Cybersecurity Brass Tacks: Tips for 2019

Repetitio est mater studiorum (Repetition is the mother of all learning) says a well-known Latin proverb. The same applies to the cybersecurity awareness programmes. Organisations of all sizes and types, from small to large multinational businesses, from corporations and government agencies to healthcare providers and academic institutions, can be targets of cyber-attacks. From the retail […]

Remote working

Working Remotely – Do You Think You Are Secure?

The office space has changed over the last few decades: from cubicles and open space to what The New York Times has described as a ‘palette of places’. However, despite numerous benefits, cybersecurity of remote working can be a headache for companies, their employers or clients. Although the remote working is increasingly popular among newer […]

2019 Cybersecurity Crystal Ball

Looking Into the 2019 Cybersecurity Crystal Ball

Our crystal ball forecasts that the cyber-attacks and data breaches in 2019 will continue to increase in both frequency and intensity. The ransomware, cryptojacking, more focused spear phishing, IoT infiltration, shadow IT, cyber warfare, new online identification ways, push for better education and training, boards and executives involvement are just some of the  cybersecurity predictions. […]

CISO Blaim_

It does not help to solely blame CISOs for failed organisational security

The security professionals are, often wrongly than rightly, blamed for the failure of organisational information security. Instead of the blame game, we should learn to work together and share the responsibility. A typical scenario in a South African organisation: the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) complains to a colleague from another company that the information […]

Coffee vs Digital Security

Coffee vs Digital Prosperity

“If you spend more on coffee than on IT security, you will be hacked. What’s more, you deserve to be hacked”. ― Richard Clarke Contemporary information and communication technologies (ICT), often called digital technologies, are firmly embedded in modern societies. The space hosting these technologies, also known as a cyberspace, is continually shifting as new […]

Digital future

Who will protect our digital future, Mr President?

A few days ago, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced a package of immediate economic reforms and spending plans in an effort to boost South Africa’s sluggish economy. This, among others, includes boosting tourism, business travel and agriculture, allocation and use of high-demanded radio spectrum, mining, township economy and the infrastructure projects. It is needless to prove […]

Bury head in the sand

Burying head in the sand is yet another way to the cybersecurity Armageddon

The US-based Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) announced last Wednesday the annual cost of cybercrime for the global economy amounts to USD 600 billion or 0.8% of the world’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). This is an increase from a 2014 study that put global losses at about USD 445 billion! The Ponemon Institute […]

Cybersecurity Armageddon

Are we heading towards cybersecurity Armageddon in South Africa?

The newest cyber-attacks of a self-confessed hacker, known as Paladin, on the government departments’ and agencies’ websites showed unpreparedness of these entities to protect their informational assists. As we warned before, if nothing significant changes, South Africa will inevitably head towards cybersecurity Armageddon. A number of reports in the last two years revealed that the […]